Friday, August 20, 2010

Ein turns Four Months!!

Becoming a parent can be thrilling, overwhelming, exciting, scary, exasperating, awe-inspiring and fun - for me it’s the most incredible journey of a lifetime..
Reinz Maxiel turned four months old last Aug.19, All of the people in our house was very excited in seeing him grow.

*Milesstone this Month*

  • My baby can raise himself up on straightened arms while lying on his tummy and look all around. 
  • He can grasp a rattle. 
  • He laughs out loud. 
  • He squeals with delight. 
  • He smiles spontaneously. 
  • He pays attention to very small objects. 
  • My baby experiments by making new sounds. 
  • He recognizes me and his daddy.

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