Saturday, September 20, 2014

The Filipino Care Pack

It's been awhile since the last time I joined an Online Contest, and I am really surprised when someone from Australia pm me on Facebook and told me that I am their lucky winner for their Facebook guessing contest and I was just like "Huwaaat?! Wow! Thank you Lord"...

Today, I already got the prize delivered on my door steps and I was amazed seeing a big and heavy box full of grocery items that is essential to every human being.,,

They call it Mahalaga Pack (Essential Pack) - grocery items inside worth 3,872 pesos ($84.30)

Everything your family and friends need to provide healthy and tasty meals.

  • 1 x Farm Boy Long Grain Rice 5kg
  • 4 x Lucky Me Chicken Noodles 55g
  • 4 x Payless Beef Noodles 55g
  • 1 x Nestle Milo 450g
  • 1 x Alaska Krem-Top Coffee Creamer 180g
  • 1 x Nescafe Coffee Classic 100g
  • 1 x Nestle Bear Brand Milk Powder 700g
  • 6 x Lipton Ice Tea Lemon 25g
  • 2 x CDO Chinese Style Luncheon Meat 350g
  • 1 x Young's Town Sardines in tomato sauce 425g
  • 1 x Young's Town Sardines in tomato sauce w hot chilli 425g
  • 2 x Purefoods Chicken Vienna Sausage 230g
  • 2 x Century Tuna Flakes in Vegetable Oil 180g
  • 1 x UFC Banana Catsup 1kg
  • 1 x Monde M.Y. San Skyflakes 850g
  • 2 x Purefoods Star Corned Beef 260g
  • 2 x CDO Karne Norte Guisado 260g
  • 6 x Knorr Chicken Broth Cubes 10g
  • 6 x Knorr Beef Broth Cubes 10g
  • 1 x Del Monte Spaghetti Pasta 1kg
  • 1 x Del Monte Spaghetti Sauce Sweet Style 560g
  • 6 x Tang Orange Mango 25g
  • 2 x Knorr Siningang Tamaind Soup Mix 40g
  • 12 x Magic Sarap 8g
  • 1 x Virgo Iodised Salt 400g
  • 1 x Hermano Refined Sugar 1kg
  • 1 x Minola Premium Coconut Oil 500ml
  • 1 x Laurens Patis Fish Sauce 350ml
  • 1 x Datu Puti Vinegar 385ml
  • 1 x Datu Puti Soy Sauce 385ml
  • 3 x Safeguard Ivory White Soap 60g
  • 1 x Colgate Toothpaste 95ml

There are different types of  pack (box) that you can choose such as Pamilya Pack, Kombinasyon Pack, Pangangailangan Pack, and many more..

If you are an OFW you can also send the gift of loved to your family here in the Philippines by giving them the essential things that they need everyday,.. 

Good News!

Supporting Local People and Local Products packed in the Philippines for the Filipino people from our family to yours.

  They will deliver goods to your family right at their door steps giving them One Big Smile!

You can visit Family Care Pack Website and other social media account for more details..



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