Friday, September 19, 2014

Just got JUICY-fied!

 I am very particular with the scent I use everyday,
 I am a huge fan of  a simple yet sweet smelling fresh Cologne.. 
 I seldom used hard core perfume, That's why I consider myself as a Cologne Baby!

and yes! I just got JUICY-fied with no other than the one and only juiciest body mist in town!

It is very affordable and discover-able  in the market! 
It is most loved by little girls, teens and tweenteens at heart! 

JUICY Cologne

It comes in Eight different scent and colors that will surely makes your man go gaga over you! 


KATRYN BERNARDO with the 8 juicy Scents of Juicy Cologne 

A Glimpse of Juicy Cologne's TVC 

My favorite scent would be The Sprightly Sparkle - 
 I love the smooth sweet smell plus it's green my favorite color of all time,  

I am a Certified Juicy Girl because I enjoy every single moment of everyday just like The Sprightly Sparkle Scent of Juicy Cologne : Bubbly, Cool, Hippie, Sweet and Lovely! This scent is very unique that made us two click, Fragrance is long lasting and Fresh just like the green trees in the forest.  The first time I splash it on my wrist I knew that we will be together forever, It is always on my beauty list, present in my grocery basket, and knocking on my vanity kit,.. 

I JUST GOT JUICY-fied!  #LetsGetJuicyfied #MyJuicyWorld

Be Juicy-fied! Just visit Juicy Cologne Social Site for more updates and promos: 


Instagram: JUICY COLOGNE on IG

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