Friday, December 2, 2011

Sparkling Shimmering Glowing Growing NAILS.Glow!

"ENJOY the Stay, EXPERIENCE the Glow" 

After six months of working as a Spa Attendant I finally found time to write about new found family NAILS.Glow Hand and Foot Spa, I have been into different types of jobs in my 5 years of working experience and  I have worked as a Telemarketer, Product Specialist, Call  Center Agent and Customer Relations Officer,  woooh… quite though.. 

I never expected to be a part of this kind of industry which promotes Beauty, Health and Wellness (as you can see I am not the glam chic type of girl: I am more on the “maton” type ) but I still manage to be trained and finally became one of the staff of NAILS.Glow Vicas …

Enough of myself.. Let’s now continue this article by introducing to you my second home.. NAILS.Glow – your neighbourhood Hand & Foot Spa..

Nails.Glow is the first high end “pang-masa’ nail spa in the country,  Pang-masa because of It’s impressive services yet affordable prices, comes with a relaxing environment, very clean, cozy atmosphere, talented and highly trained staff all rolled into one.. (What can you ask for?!) 

Think back to the popularity of fitness offerings 20 years ago:

That is the SPA industry today.

We offer great services that you will surely love, We will satisfy your needs for relaxation from head to toe, Once you enter our door I am 100.1% percent sure that you will leaves us with a Smile on your face... :) 

You can find us anywhere in the metro, hopefully across the globe soon.. :) 

As of now that's the only things I can say, I will just give you some link to our website so you can also experience the GLOW at Nails.Glow.

Meanwhile: I'm planning to have my first ever Blog giveaway, I will throw some Nails.Glow Gc's as one of the prize (Looking for some generous sponsors out there) *wink* 

Watch out for the Mechanics as I will announce it here soon.. 

Please follow the link to know more about NAILS.Glow


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