Monday, May 13, 2013

Kettle Korn: Poppin’ Fun All The Time!”

I am myself is a movie buff.. I really enjoy watching movies on the big screen especially during my college days, but since I become a mom I rarely watch movies because I spend most of my time with my family..

hmmmm.. and upon hearing about the upcoming THE FAST & THE FURIOUS 6 my heart beats fast & furious because this movie is one of my all time favorite. .

and one of the best snack when watching movies is popcorn ayt., and I must say that the best Movie buddy of all generation is Kettle Korn for it gives us movie fanatics our own satisfaction, the best word to describe it is the word "best".. that's why Kettle Korn makes watching movies poppin' fun all time!!

And to answer the question!? 

If you were to star in your own movie, what would your story be?

A sassy girl who don't believe in the existence of love who but would eventually realize it after having a once in a lifetime adventure in the mountain of Love!..

The plot of my movie will goes like this: 

Emjhay is a human/nature right activist who loves to spend time alone doing what she think is right, She don't actually believes in the existence of the so called "Human Attraction" until one day she found herself lost in a place where no one recognize her, the civilization is poor but the people in the community is happy and humble, She was adopted by a certain family and keep her company for awhile until she finds her way back home, and on her stay in the mountain of Alps leads her to Ranjay -the barrio's captain who is a cute kind hearted single guy and a secret fan of Dawn Zulueta and Richard Gomez (thus makes him a hopeless romantic) Their lives will collide and let's see what will happens next..... :) 


I am the "Emjhay" you won't forget!

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I am just an ordinary blogger who loves watching movies, reading, listening to music, or whatever that pops out my mind. + I’m always open to listen to new ideas and views and try to understand them even if they are the opposite to mine. It doesn’t mean I’ll be convinced but I am willing to fully listen and learn of other points of view. I LOVE MY FAMILY!!! -I adore all the aspects of life and know how to enjoy them. Im an easy going lass who enjoys life and have a great circle of friends. I can be obstinate sometimes but it is because I always try to reach all my goals.


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