Sunday, December 12, 2010

Sassy New Year Giveaway!!

I am really a fanatic of Online Contest this past few days..
I so much engaged to it.. :)  Now, Let me share you one of my favorite: 

Here it goes:

Contest Mechanics:
  1. Follow me on Google Friend Connect.
  2. Go to the Facebook Page of My Sassy Chef and click "Like". 
  3. Share this link on facebook: Share
  4. On the blank box above the title of the blog post, tag My Sassy Chef and paste this sentence: "Join the Sassy New Year Giveaway from @My Sassy Chef and Win Cool Prizes!". To tag, type in the “@” symbol then follow it with the word “My Sassy Chef.” If you liked the fan page, this will open a drop-down menu box from which you will click on "My Sassy Chef".
  5. Set the privacy options of the wall post to "everyone". To do this, click on the lock icon beside the share button. Private posts will not be counted. 
  6. Post the URLs of your entries at the comment section of this post. Not leaving a comment here won't get your entry into the contest.
Additional entries: 
  1. Follow My Sassy Chef on Twitter to earn one more raffle entry.
  2. Tweet this on Twitter: "Join the Sassy New Year Giveaway @SassyChefBlog and Win Cool Prizes!" to one more additional entry.
  3. Blog about this contest, with one link in your post to the homepage of this blog, to earn five additional entries.
  4. Post your additional entries on separate comments on this post. 

A maroon velvet glam pouch (with lots of studs!) from the World Bazaar Festival
(I also got one for my sister for Christmas, I bet she'll love it. She doesn't know about this blog, so keep it a secret!)
La Senza Super Rich Body Butter in Sweet Embrace (White Orchid, Vanilla, and Italian Mandarin), and Bath and Body Works Signature Collection Orange Sapphire Shower Gel
(Definitely your must-have pampering products! The body butter is so rich and yummy, while the orange sapphire leaves me feeling fresh and silky smooth, so I bought extras to give away!) 
Gold, chrome, and bronze bangles from the World Bazaar Festival
(They look so good and really glamorous that I got 8 different designs of gold, chrome, and bronze bangles for myself, and three for you!) 

There's also two consolation prizes of $5 each thru Paypal. Open locally and internationally.
Note that only one winner can get all of these. The contest starts tonight, December 5, 2010, and ends on December 31, 2010 at 11:59 pm. All entries will be checked and tallied with their corresponding points. will decide who the winner will be. A list randomizer will be used to distribute your entries randomly into the list so everyone gets a chance to be drawn regardless of when they joined. Then I will use's random number generator to pick three lucky winners! Prizes will be shipped for free anywhere in the Philippines. Only available to Philippine residents.

Winners will be announced on January 2, 2010.

I am the "Emjhay" you won't forget!

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