Monday, January 3, 2011

Yehey! Winner!

The Great Lenovo-PTB Laptop Giveaway Winner

Congratulations to the lucky winner of a Lenovo Essential G460 laptop in our Lenovo -- PTB Laptop Giveaway contest. She is none other than Mary Jane de Guzman.
Including the first two rounds of our mini-contests, there was a total of 580 entries eligible to win the Lenovo G460. Some, like Mary Jane, had multiple raffle entries for joining the previous PTB mini-contest and it paid off for her as her number was drawn via
Here’s her entry on what’s her most fun game during childhood:
The most enjoyable game that me and my sisters enjoyed doing was playing jackstone. We played it almost everyday. We really enjoyed doing tricks and stuff. Don’t tell anyone this, but I just bought a set of jacks and a ball. I’m hoping to play with my nieces when they come over this weekend. Even though they’re addicted to computer games now a days, I’ll bet they play with me as the oldest is only seven and her little sister will do anything the older one wants to do. Wish me luck.
And on what Lenovo IdeaPad that represents her:
I would love to be a V Series Lenovo IdeaPad Laptop because I am always on the Go!!!
I took a short video of the random draw to show you I just didn’t pull her name out of my ears.
Ok I don’t know why that video looked crappy. It looked decent when I viewed it on my mobile. Anyway, I just showed the list on my Excel sheet totaling to 580 and I entered that amount to the randomizer and when I hit generate, I got Mary Jane’s number.
Congratulations again to Mary Jane de Guzman. The Lenovo G460 is one capable machine that you’ll gonna love. It’s not as portable as your V-series IdeaPad but it’s still a beauty. Please make yourself available for the awarding on January at the Lenovo office in Makati. Expect an e-mail for claiming details.
Thank you to the rest who have joined and making this contest a success. Hoping for more stuff to giveaway next year. Cheers!

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