Sunday, January 9, 2011 Blogversary Birthday Giveaway!!

Earthlingorgeous is giving away lots of prizes for her 3rd year Blogversary..

Here's what at stakes:

There will be 12 winners for these contest. So better get going and be One of the lucky12 Winners.

For complete Contest Mechanics just click on this link:

I am the "Emjhay" you won't forget!

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I am just an ordinary blogger who loves watching movies, reading, listening to music, or whatever that pops out my mind. + I’m always open to listen to new ideas and views and try to understand them even if they are the opposite to mine. It doesn’t mean I’ll be convinced but I am willing to fully listen and learn of other points of view. I LOVE MY FAMILY!!! -I adore all the aspects of life and know how to enjoy them. Im an easy going lass who enjoys life and have a great circle of friends. I can be obstinate sometimes but it is because I always try to reach all my goals.


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